The Living Difference

At Universal Homes we are proud to build homes in Millwater that not only represent outstanding value for money, but promise superior design, market leading innovation and guaranteed quality. We call our ground-breaking process for delivering our range of quality, designer-inspired homes - 'the Living Difference'. Our proven systems and solutions deliver our vision for a ‘Living Difference’ time and time again, for home owner after home owner, year after year. We are proud of our history of 60 years building quality homes and we are continually inspired in making an even greater ‘Living Difference’ for the next generation of home owners.


living difference universal homes

Our stylish Millwater kitchens within each new Universal Home, are designed to not only look good but function as efficiently as possible. Our aim is always that your new kitchen effortlessly becomes the central focus of your new home. To achieve this goal, our designer kitchens make use of the latest ergonomic arrangement of washing and preparation spaces, efficient storage & serving areas and the most advanced range of kitchen appliances that combine to make serving cusine in your new kitchen a genuine pleasure. Note: Our ‘Living Difference’ selection of quality brands and kitchen layouts varies from home to home.


living difference universal homes

Universal’s luxurious Millwater bathrooms and master ensuites, are designed to allow you to indulge yourself. Our design aim is that your new bathroom or ensuite becomes one of the most loved rooms in your new home. To achieve this goal, our bathrooms make use of stylish combinations of sparkling chrome, single-lever tapware, water-proof wall-mounted cabinetry, and dazzling glass. Our use of hygienic ceramic tile floors and vanity splashbacks allow Universal bathrooms not only inspire and impress but are trouble-free to keep clean and spotless. Note: Our ‘Living Difference’ selection of quality brands and bathroom layouts varies from home to home.

Interior Features

living difference universal homes

Our Interior designers at Universal homes in Millwater are constantly focused on combining the most up-to-date designer touches with the choice of the latest quality materials and modern features. Clever management of the design flow of the home is always a priority, shaping ‘space creating’ indoor –outdoor flows, as well as balancing the active and passive rooms in the home. This process results in making our homes not only eye-catching, but functional to get around – both inside and out. The choices of interior textures and space-saving ideas make our homes warm and inviting, while also being comfortable and easy to live in.

Design options

living difference universal homes

Every Universal Home at Millwater displays an exciting combination of strong street appeal and a rigorous selection of durable materials that have been specifically chosen to stand the test of the elements and retain their good looks over time. Our 10 year Master Build guarantee and our 60 years of building history show our commitment to our customers that we take our task seriously, when it comes to building solid hard wearing homes. Our design aim focuses on homes that are timeless in their appeal - homes that will look as good on the outside, as they function and inspire on the inside.

Heating & Cooling

living difference universal homes

Universal homes at Millwater are leading the way in setting new standards for thermal comfort in New Zealand. Our homes are cleverly designed to reduce unhealthy moisture levels and promote better air exchange throughout the home. The choice of superior thick wall and ceiling insulation options allows our homes to retain heat longer in the winter, while superior double glazing units offer increased coolness in the summer. Ducting for heat exchanges allow for inbuilt Heat Pump systems to be fitted. Whatever the weather and the elements outside, a Universal home will not only keep you dry and safe but warm and comfortable throughout the year and its seasons.

Security & Automation

living difference universal homes

Our industry leading security systems within every Universal Home at Millwater are chosen to be not only discreet, but extremely dependable, and durable. From keyless entry, to LED lighting, to quality door locks, enclosed and lockable perimeter fencing, sensor activated security lighting and smart in-house alarm systems; Universal Homes security and automation features are designed to meet the needs of today’s heightened home security consciousness home owner. Secure burglar-deterring double-glazing systems, security frequency garage door openers and a host of innovative technical and passive deterrents make Universal Homes safe for all members of the family.





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